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An extraordinary grocery experience.



Rosé me!

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  1. six types of products in colored squares

    This Just In… May 2019

    Behind the extraordinary grocery experience you know and love at Nugget Markets, we have an amazing team of buyers who are always on the hunt for awesome new products to share with our guests. From local finds to artisan creations, imported specialties to gourmet goodies, we’re proud to offer an amazing selection of products that’s constantly evolving to include the latest and greatest. Enjoy a novel taste or two with these new products just hitting our stores!

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  2. three tins of JusTea purple tea at a tea party

    Purple Tea with Purpose

    Pinkies up! Take your tea drinking experience to the next level with JusTea Purple Teas fresh from an award-winning tea company that partners with small-scale Kenyan farmers to deliver the freshest, whole leaf tea to your kettle. 

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  3. Rosé, Take Me Away!

    Enjoyed for centuries in Europe, rosé wines have more recently gained popularity stateside, and we’re all about it. The refreshing, unique style brings light summery flavors which pair deliciously with fresh fruits like strawberries and watermelon. Because of the refreshing crispness, they also pair well with young cheeses like chèvre. Keep reading for some suggestions on wines to try this spring and summer.

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  4. three women enjoying a tea party with finger foods

    Bohemian Rhapso-Tea

    Host a high tea so killer it’s fit for a queen with a few delicious twists on tradition. From a trio of contemporary tea sandwiches to boozy mousse in a martini glass, these recipes are perfect for lazing on a Sunday afternoon with your best friends, or a crazy little thing called lunch. Just add tea and it’s a kind of magic.

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  5. four wine bottles in a row

    Wines of the Month: May 2019

    Oh, May! Summer is just around the corner and it’s time to rosé the day away. Our wine stewards put together the perfect list of wines for this perfect weather—from fruity and flowery to melony and crisp. All of these wines are best served slightly chilled and are terrific for an early season cookout with friends.

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