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Father’s Day Tomahawks

Father’s Day Tomahawks

Certified Piedmontese Tomahawk Ribeye Steaks, or Llano Seco Tomahawk Pork Chops, $11.99/lb. this week!

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  1. bakery team with baking equipment

    Let Them Make Cake!

    When it comes to dazzling desserts, artisan breads and other gourmet baked goods, our bakers take the cake. Ever wonder which of our amazing cakes are our bakers’ favorites to make (and eat)? Want to know what it takes to be a professional cake decorator (a.k.a. cake deco)? You’re in luck, because we asked our talented bakery team what it's like behind the scenes, and here's what they had to say.

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  2. drinks and snacks with hands holding bread and a glass of water

    Extraordinary Sustainability: How to Throw an Eco-Friendly Party

    Summer is so close we can SEE it! When it comes to sustainability, we look at the Social, Environmental and Economic aspects of all our decisions, and this summer, we invite you to SEE your summer fun with us. No matter what fun in the sun you plan on enjoying—backyard barbecues, patriotic parties, ice cream socials, etc.—it often comes with unforeseen waste. If you want to rein in waste while still throwing the coolest party ever, we can help. Use these 5 easy tips to plan ahead, save some hassle and save the Earth, too!

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  3. Father's Day gifts including grooming goods, spices, cards and gift cards
  4. stack of ribs with sides in the background

    Thrill of the Grill

    It’s BBQ season and we couldn’t be happier! If you’ve got a hankering for sensational sandwiches, fresh veggies and mouthwatering meats hot off the grill, check out our Thrill of the Grill events on Fridays and Saturdays through August at select Nugget Markets!  

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  5. sun hats, sunscreen, stickers and metal thermoses and water bottles

    Summer Essentials 2019

    Be sun-ready with these sunny day essentials available at your local Nugget Markets! From stylish skin protection to hydration with attitude, we’ve got you covered.

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