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White Nectarines or White Peaches

Reedley, California-Grown

White Nectarines or White Peaches

Selected varieties


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We’re lucky to be located in one of the richest regions in the nation for quality local produce, and one trip through our produce aisles will show that we take full advantage of that fact! Nugget is committed to buying local to support growers from our area. In our produce aisles, you’ll find a huge selection of organics, and we also stock lots of hard-to-find, specialty varieties. We receive produce deliveries six days a week to ensure freshness — stop by to see what’s in season this week!

Heard It Through Grape Vine

  1. blueberries in a bowl

    Serres Blueberries Are Back!

    Big fan of berries? We’ve got great news for you—Serres blueberries are in season and in stores now! These super sweet, plump and beautiful berries from Mendocino County are arguably the best blueberries around. They’re also only available for 3-4 weeks, usually from mid-June to early July, so be sure to get them while you can!

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  2. grilled veggies in a sheet pan

    Rubs Do Your Body Good!

    Health Notes by Dr. Liz

    Herbs and spices blended into flavorful meat rubs offer a wealth of health benefits thanks to the rich content of plant compounds called phytonutrients. Dried herbs—which are plant leaves such as basil and thyme—and spices—which come from plant seeds, bark or root such as ground cumin and pepper—pack intense flavor and are a virtually calorie-free way to infuse lean proteins with savory and even sweet flavors.

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  3. bowl of cherries

    Get ’em Before They’re Gone!

    Health Notes by Dr. Liz

    Nothing says summer like a juicy peach, a fresh ear of corn or a vine-ripe tomato. Or how about your pick of fragrantly delicious citrus fruits during the winter months? Eating what’s in season brings you closer to your food.

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Seasonal Recipes

  1. Pitaya Bowl
    Nugget Markets Quick & Easy Recipe

    Pitaya Bowl

    Filed under: Main Course, Fruits

    Also known as dragon fruit, pitaya is a bright pink member of the cactus family and a great base to nutritious fruit-based bowls like this! 

  2. honey soy shishito peppers
  3. spaghetti squash and shrimp spring rolls
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