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Certifid Piedmontese sirloin steak

Our Meat & Seafood department is all about quality, freshness and value: we offer the finest cuts of the best brands of meats, seafood and poultry, including our signature Fresh to Market Angus Premium Beef USDA Choice and USDA Prime Beef. In addition, we offer handmade entrees, like our bacon-wrapped pork tenderloin and marinated tri-tip roast, as well as our Fresh to Market sausages, made in-house and available in 20 mouthwatering varieties.

Meat & Seafood quality, freshness and value

We invite all our guests to stop by our meat department to say hi to our experienced butchers, who are available 7 days a week. Our butchers can hand-cut product to your specifications, as well as advise on proper cooking techniques, times and temperatures.

If you’d like to special order a product from our meat department (say, a holiday turkey or standing rib roast), we’re happy to help! Please just allow 72 hours for meat special orders, and 48 hours for seafood.

Certified Piedmontese

Naturally lean, tender and delicious, Certified Piedmontese is a one-of-a-kind gourmet beef available in our meat department! The Piedmontese breed of cattle is raised on open rangelands of family ranches across the vast, fertile expanse of the Great Plains. Ranchers combine modern handling and husbandry practices with classic stockmanship so cattle are raised humanely and land is managed sustainably.

Look for These Brands At Our Meat Counter

PrairieFresh Niman Ranch Verlasso Salmon Rosie Organic chicken SunFed Diestel Turkey Ranch Smart Chicken Certified Piedmontese Llano Seco Hobb’s Smoked Meats Mary’s Chicken Fresh to Market Angus Beef Cascade Creek

Mary’s Chicken available in our Marin County locations.

What’s The Beef?

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    3. The Centerpiece for Your Feast

      If you’re cooking your own holiday meal this year, make sure to reserve your protein in advance with our meat department. Choose from premium roasts, savory porchetta, traditional turkey and more!

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Fresh Fish!

Verlasso Salmon

Quality and sustainability count when it comes to seafood, which is why we feature an extensive selection of sustainable, wild-caught fish and shellfish, as well as receiving fresh seafood deliveries six days a week. We also partner with FishWise and use color-coded labels to designate the environmental impact of each product. Our seafood department employees are always happy to explain more about our sustainability programs and help you make your selections.


Green - Best Choice: These species are from sources that are well-managed and caught or farmed in environmentally responsible ways.


Yellow - Good Alternative: These species are from fisheries or farms with good qualities but there are still some associated environmental concerns.


Red - Unsustainable: These species are caught or farmed in ways that can cause harm to the environment.

Ask us about FishWise and Nugget Markets’ commitment to environmental protection next time you are in our stores!


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