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Adult Beverages

Aquitaine Imports 

Aqitaine Imports is a small importer of French wines, mainly from Bourdeax region, run by a family team. Focusing on smaller, family–owned winery estates who farm with sustainable, organic or bio-dynamic agriculture, all of the wines in the Aquitaine portfolio are an excellent value for their price.  

Time to Sparkle

Sparkling wines cleanse the palate and pair beautifully with an amazing variety of foods. Visit our wine stewards at your local Nugget Markets to learn about some of our best buys and favorite sparkling gems this season!

What’s On Tap

    1. Cranberry Ginger Old Fashioned

      Thanksgiving Cheers

      What better way to wind down after the Thanksgiving feast than with a toast to all we’re grateful for? If you’re looking for just the right sip to fill your glass this fall, check out our veritable cornucopia of autumn cocktails!

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    2. Heavenly Hostess Gifts

      If you’re attending a festive dinner party this holiday season, don’t forget to thank the host! From gourmet goodies to clever kitchen accoutrements, we have a host of heavenly hostess gifts to choose from.

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    3. Holiday Meal Wine Pairings

      When it comes time to raise a glass at your holiday celebration, make sure you have the right wine to complement the feast! Whether you’d rather sip a red, white or rosé, these three wines are each perfect for pairing with your traditional holiday feast. 

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Wine Stewards

Wine Tastings

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