Community Giving & Donations

Community Giving Programs

Nugget Markets has been a part of the Northern California community since 1926. We want to be good neighbors, so we try to give back when we can through our community giving programs.

Nugget Markets/Food 4 Less Scrip Program

Nugget Markets is giving thanks and giving back! Based on your feedback, we’ve streamlined our Scrip Program to make supporting the local community easier than ever!

Sign up or log in to your Scrip account:

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Nugget Markets Scrip Program attributes include:

  • 100% free to individual participants and organizations
  • No need to pre-load your Scrip card
  • Scrip cards can be used for all Nugget Markets purchases
  • Donate up to 4% of your Nugget Markets purchases to your favorite non-profit or youth educational organization
  • Multiple cards can be registered under one Nugget Markets Scrip Account so families can earn a greater donation
  • Split your monthly donation between up to four beneficiaries
  • Scrip cards can be used at any Nugget Markets locations and at our Food 4 Less franchises in Cameron Park, Woodland and Vallejo

Apply to Enroll An Organization As a Beneficiary

Complete the below Scrip Beneficiary Application and W-9 Form and return to Nugget Markets Corporate Offices for processing:

Nugget Markets, Inc.
168 Court Street
Woodland CA 95695
Attn: Scrip Program

Scrip beneficiary applications are processed once a month, and approved beneficiaries will be eligible to earn a donation the subsequent month. (Ex: All approved applications submitted in the month of January will be eligible to begin earning a donation in February). If approved, beneficiaries will be notified of their acceptance and issued their requested allotment of Scrip cards. Beneficiaries are encouraged to invite their supporters to participate by distributing Scrip cards and instructing participants to register their cards online.

Creating Your Nugget Markets Scrip Account(s)

To participate in our Scrip Program, you must create a Nugget Markets Scrip Account. Your Nugget Markets Scrip Account will allow you to select/change your beneficiaries and add/manage your Scrip cards. If you do not have a Nugget Markets Scrip Account, you will not earn a monthly donation for your preferred beneficiary. Scrip cards should be presented to the cashier each time you shop, and must be presented before your sale is final. Nugget Markets Scrip Accounts are valid from September 1 – August 31 to coincide with the school year, and must be reactivated each year during Scrip Reactivation Month (August). Click on the link below to create or access your Nugget Markets Scrip Account.

We look forward to partnering with you and thank you for participating in Nugget Markets Scrip Program!

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Donations & Sponsorships

If your organization would like to request a donation from Nugget Market, we are happy to consider your request. Please plan ahead: all small donation requests must be submitted at least two weeks in advance, and larger donation and sponsorship requests must be submitted at least four weeks ahead of time.

How do I make a donation request?

To request a donation, you must:

  1. Download and complete the donation request form.
  2. Deliver the donation request form, along with a letter describing your organization, to the store director at your local Nugget Market location.

Donation Request Form

How do I request a sponsorship?

There are two ways to request a sponsorship. You can either:

  1. Download the application.
  2. Submit the application via email to
    OR mail the application to Community Giving, 168 Court St., Woodland, CA 95695

Sponsorship Request Form

Due to the large number of donation requests we receive, we are unable to give support to the following:

Nugget Market Store Tours – They’re SO
Much Fun!

We love connecting with local families, kids, schools, and children’s organizations. The Nugget Market store tour is our favorite way of giving kids (and adults!) a fun look at what goes on “behind the scenes” at Nugget. While traveling the store with your Nugget tour guide, your group will visit each department where kids can see how we make our pizzas, our breads, and our hand-crafted sausages, just to name a few stops. Expect some special surprises, too! Our tours are educational, entertaining, interactive, and free of charge. For more information or to schedule a tour for a school class or organization, please contact your local Nugget Market for details.