About Us

What is Nugget Markets? We ask ourselves this question all the time. It’s a family-owned business, for one, and it has been since 1926, when it was started in Woodland, California, by the Stille family. The Stilles are still running the place today, now with nine Nugget Markets locations in the greater Sacramento area. Every associate at Nugget Markets knows that company President Eric Stille and his father, Chairman of the Board Gene Stille, are still committed to the same principles that founders Mack and William were when they started the business: high-quality products and low prices.

Fresh Produce


At Nugget Markets, nothing is as important to us as quality. (Except maybe exceptional guest service. And low prices. And huge selection. OK, so a lot of things are important to us here.) It doesn’t matter if it’s our produce, our meats, our deli foods or our grocery products. If it’s not the highest quality, it doesn’t belong in our stores.

Low Prices

With all of our focus on quality, it’s sometimes hard for our guests to believe that we also offer the lowest prices. But it’s true — we offer the area’s best prices from a full-service grocery store. Don’t believe us? That’s okay … we knew you’d be skeptical. That’s why we invented the Price Survey, so our guests can see for themselves that shopping at Nugget Markets will save them money. Would you like to take the Price Survey? Simply ask any associate for an official price survey sheet and they will fill you in on the details. When you’re next in one of our stores, check out our Price Survey Board, located above the front entrance. It shows how many of our guests and associates have taken the price survey, and how many times Nugget Markets has come out ahead. We think you’ll be impressed by how much money you can save shopping at Nugget Markets!

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