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Healthy Living

Our Healthy Living department offers a quality selection of vitamins, herbs and supplements, as well as our trained healthy living specialists, who are here to help you navigate the aisles. We also stock a beautiful collection of bath, body and hair-care products, as well as unique gifts from an array of awesome brands.

    1. Fresh to Market Vitamins for a Cause

      Eating healthy is a vital part of maintaining good health, and our nutritional supplements can help! Our Fresh to Market Vitamins come straight to you from Vitamer Labs, a family-owned-and-operated nutritional company that shares the same commitment to quality and integrity we do.

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    2. avocado
    3. Simple Blends for Stress Relief

      Tired out after a long day? Feeling pressed for time, stressed out or upset? Breathe in, breathe out and chill out with a little help from essential oils and aromatherapy. Along with pre-made blends and individual essential oils, you can also use recipes and ratios like these two, crafted by one of our Cameron Park associates!

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Healthy Living Specialists

  • Lorna Parton

    Lorna Parton

    Healthy Living Manager, Corporate Office

  • Lyndsie Boubelik

    Lyndsie B.

    Healthy Living Specialist, Davis, Covell

  • Alecia P.

    Alecia P.

    Healthy Living Specialist, Davis, Mace

  • Alicia D.

    Healthy Living Specialist, El Dorado Hills

  • Raven H.

    Raevan H.

    Healthy Living Specialist, Elk Grove

  • Sam X.

    Sam X.

    Healthy Living Specialist, Tiburon, Novato

  • Anne D.

    Healthy Living Specialist, Roseville

  • Cameron M.

    Cameron M.

    Healthy Living Specialist, Sacramento, Florin

  • Mariah B.

    Mariah Barrera

    Healthy Living Specialist, Corte Madera, Tiburon

  • Madison E.

    Madison E.

    Healthy Living Specialist, Vacaville

  • Jennifer Grocock

    Jenn G.

    Healthy Living Specialist, West Sacramento

  • Kelsey Fish

    Kelsey F.

    Healthy Living Specialist, Woodland