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Nugget Markets pumpkin coffee cake

Nugget Markets bakery-fresh pumpkin coffee cake: for those who like pumpkin a little or a latte…

Bakery House-baked breads, cakes & more

Using artisan flour and never any additives or preservatives, we hearth-bake four varieties in our stone-deck ovens:

  • Sourdough: This bread rises for 18 hours and is naturally leavened, leading to its trademark sour taste. Try our sour rounds, baguettes, boulots, and the popular Dutch crunch.
  • Rustic French: These simple breads are made with just four ingredients: water, flour, yeast and salt. The result is a thin, crisp crust and a hint of buttery flavor. Try the French baguettes, piccolos, and rosemary rounds.
  • Italian: Made with extra virgin olive oil, Italian breads have a soft, pliable dough and crisp crust. Try ciabatta, focaccia, and pugliese loaves.
  • Organic whole grain: Made with 100 percent organic whole-wheat flour, these are some of our most nutritious bread offerings. Try our whole grain baguettes and boulots, and sprouted grain rounds.
  • Sprouted grain: Offering all the nutritional benefits of whole-grain, this healthful bread’s nutrients are easily absorbed by the body. Try organic whole-wheat rounds, boulots and sandwich loaves.

What’s Shakin’

  1. Round Challah


    Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, is just around the corner and our bakeries are ready to help you celebrate! Challah, a traditional braided egg bread, is often enjoyed during Rosh Hashanah with apples dipped in honey to symbolize the hope for a sweet year to come.

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  2. Ettore's Cakes

    Let them Eat Cake!

    Family-owned Ettore’s European Bakery has been crafting decadent desserts in the Sacramento region since 1985. Their enchanting cakes and other sweet treats have long been community favorites, and we’re excited to bring these delightful desserts to our guests in Marin County and Sonoma Valley!

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  3. sweetly and macaroons

    California Bakery Buddies

    At Nugget Markets, we know our bakers are good, but we also know they’re not the only ones! Along with our own house-baked breads, cakes and other sweet treats, we’re proud to carry artisan delights from bakers and bakeries from all over California, the nation and the world. Speaking of California, drop by our bakery to try some of the sweetest things from our golden state bakery buddies!

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